New here? Tell us a little about yourself. Or are you going away for a while? Holidays?
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Jeff The Killer
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Post by Jeff The Killer » Tue 18th Jun 2013

Hey! I'm Jeff The Killer and i'm new here! Its nice to meet everyone!

Amber Root
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Re: Yo

Post by Amber Root » Tue 18th Jun 2013

Oh my god, I was derping around and I saw your siggie, I love it! I'm not a fan of Homestuck, but that is amazing. ^^ Did you make it?

Wait- how rude of me. >.< I'm Amy, Amber, Kimberly, Kim, Kimmie, I really don't care what you call me. :D

Somethings About Me:
•I'm a girl
•I love to sing, bowl, and make signature banners/avatars/backgrounds/edit gifs.
•My computer breaks a lot. Luckily I have an iPod to use.
•I'm addicted to this site.
•My favorite ships are the following:
-Artemis/No one

My Favorite Fandoms:
•Artemis Fowl
•Doctor Who
•BBC Sherlock
•Marina and the Diamonds(she may be a band, but she is still worthy of my list)
•Teen Titans
Whoops. Forgot, HI!
Mein vater, ich liebe dich.

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Jeff The Killer
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Re: Yo

Post by Jeff The Killer » Tue 18th Jun 2013

Um... thank you... *pulls hood over face in shyness*
I didn't make the individual pictures, except the one further to the left, but i put it all together and got the semi-transparentness how it should be. And i did the backgrounds, text, glow, sparkles, and other effects.
Its nice to meet you amber.

I should probably tell you about me?
I'm a guy.
I like reading, writing, art, music, fashion, and graphic design.
I work for Dark Side Industries
I'm new to this site but i've been in the fandom for years
I ship: Artemis/Holly, Opal/Holly, Artemis/Butler, Foaly/Calbine, Human!Foaly/Artemis

My favorite fandoms are: Artemis Fowl, Homestuck, Vladimir Tod, Being Human, and Yu-Gi-Oh

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Solinium Pulse
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Re: Yo

Post by Solinium Pulse » Tue 18th Jun 2013


My name is Solinium Pulse, but you can call me Sol.
Welcome to the Fangathering! I apologize for the SB being down, but we've been experiencing some...technical difficulties here on our humble site.

Here are some facts about ol' Sol:
I am male
15 years of age
Me gusta reading, music, making music, Artemis Fowl, and derping. All the time.

And yeah, that's all you need to know...for now.

Opal/Holly? XD

Nice. (Okay, so I wasn't the only one who wanted that, right? :D)

And Amy, did you just say that one of your favorite ships were Julius and Holly? XD

Pardon me if I :vomit:

Welcome to the FG, Jeff!

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Re: Yo

Post by Felina » Tue 18th Jun 2013

Yoooooooo new one!

I am Lady Kitty Feline Marspian, but just call me Kitty. Kinda everyone calls me that.

15, mentally still pretty much 10, train archery, sadly play piano, currently have 2 fluffy cats called Gregor and something else XD

Ah, also, SB is currently dead because of a hacker. Just so you know.

Mda. I am also Detective Conan fan. And I like detective stuff. And SF. And fantasy. And I'm from Croatia, if you ever need some help for this part of Europe, just ask me or /b/. He's cool one.

I am too lazy to write you some cool post about myself. I just write whatever falls on my mind right now.

Not that I am always like that...

Also I am an SB mod :3

And if you need any help or stuff, just PM me.

Cya later~~~~~
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sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows... Magic
I'm not hiding anything :p except SECRETS...
Shh... SECRET makes a woman, woman

I never understood a reason WHY to be serious??? if weirdness is awesome :D

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Re: Yo

Post by Skyswallow » Tue 18th Jun 2013

Hi and welcome to the forum! *Gives chocolate*

Sky, 14, British.
Main fandoms:
Artemis Fowl
BBC Sherlock (but I do read ACD Canon as well)
Doctor Who

I have no AF ships (slight Holly/Trouble, but that's it). In Sherlock, I slightly ship Sherlock/Molly (unrequitted, of course), MorMor (for no good reason, seeing as Moran hasn't even appeared), Donerson/Andervan/whatever-Donovan/Anderson's called, and John's Cane/Mycroft's Umbrella. Oh, and the pigeon and the traffic cone, of course! Yeah, I ship objects.
In DW, I ship: Mickey/Roes, Nine/Roes, Ten/Roes, Captain Jack/Everyone in all the multiverses, Eleven/River, Pond/Pond (that makes more sense if you call Rory a Pond), and DocTAR (Doctor/TARDIS) :) So far... I haven't seen most of S1 (library hasn't got the DVDs :( ), three episodes of S2, nearly all of S3, and any of S4 or S5 :) So I'm a bit limited XD

Um. That's all I have to say.
No, wait, your siggie is amazing!
Now, that really is all :)
Gallifrey - a Doctor Who fanfiction
Hunting the Disappeared - a Fowlock fanfiction

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Ash Kelp
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Re: Yo

Post by Ash Kelp » Tue 18th Jun 2013

Hello, and :Welcome: to FG. I'm Ash Kelp (Burnt seaweed is a name I'm not called, more for lack of people making nicknames for me than anything else...), and everyone calls me Ash.

I'm self described un-human, a psychopath? (I don't care about anything, and I don't really feel emotions over than awkwardness and annoyance...), a huge cat lover, I basically like all animals except for some reptiles, and a super-smart person who could care less about school and certain subject studied with-in (English/lit/writing mostly).

My main fandoms and favorite characters are:
Artemis Fowl, Trouble Kelp (Not obvious right?)
Warriors (The cat warriors series), Greystripe
Monty Python, John Cleese
Redwall, (There are many different books set in many different times, but my favorite character of all the books is:) Basil Stag Hare (Books: Matthias, Mattimeo, Maybe more...)

I love science, mostly physics (No mostly).

I'm American, and PRISM is the best thing ever, except for the CIA!
(BTW, I probably couldn't care less about PRISM, Seriously...)
It's like Trouble, but with many a variation.

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Bang Your Drum
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Re: Yo

Post by Bang Your Drum » Tue 18th Jun 2013

Hey there I'm Bang Your Drum, or Byddie if you'd like. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, in the United States with my parents, sister, and 15 year old doggie.
I'm 19 and an admin here! So feel free to ask for any help you may need!
I like circus-y music (Katzenjammer and Neutral Milk Hotel <3) and mockumentaries (Parks and Rec and Arrested Development!)
Also, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes (the classic police officers as a fish out of water idea, but with a time travel twist) Malcolm in the Middle, 30 Rock, and In the Flesh. .. All awesome TV shows (I really would love to work on a TV show someday..perhaps doing wardrobes)
I play the sims3 and I run a tumblr for custom content finds (focusing on "Ancient History" to 1985) and sometimes sew and sculpt dolls.
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shaadia cader
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Re: Yo

Post by shaadia cader » Sat 22nd Jun 2013

Hi there! I'm Shaadia and I'm freaking weird, so it's natural to get freaked out with my crazy obsessions and stuff. :lol:

I'm eleven, I'm a girl and I'm the princess of the kingdom of weird, Heir to the throne of Insanity. When I'm not in my kingdom I live in Sri Lanka, I'm a singer with over 29 original songs of my own, a FanFiction writer who ships A/H and a freakish John Cena fan girl.

Hello back again! Have a wonderful time on FG!

--Shaadia Cader, Princess of weird, Commander of Boncus, leading General in the Anti- punctuation mark army and Heir to the Throne of Insanity.

I am the (not so) lovely Princess of Eternal Weird, I'm (not so) graceful and (not at all) feminine, and I (never) wear ball gowns. My favorite color is (SO NOT)pink and I (well this one's true at least) love cats.

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Re: Yo

Post by xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Tue 13th Aug 2013

Heya Jeff! Just popping in! I'm not on often, but I try to make my time as fun as possible! I love horror, My Little Pony, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Psych, anime, music, writing, reading, shipping, and a lot more, in addition to AF. I'm mostly into rock, rap, and techno. Some of my favorite bands/artists are Chiodos, MCR, ISMFOF, BMTH, MSI, BOTDF, As I Lay Dying, Ludacris, Eminem, Excision, and every brony musician ever. I hope you enjoy your stay!
You say loving a fictional character is senseless...
I say it's the truest love there is.

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