Back with a new gender

New here? Tell us a little about yourself. Or are you going away for a while? Holidays?
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Back with a new gender

Post by DeltaGeorie » Wed 29th Jul 2020

Hi! I used to go by Ally Kat in here, but I decided to make a new account. Y'all can call me Georie or Marscapone, I'm 22, and my pronouns are they/them or ey/em. I think the last time I was in here was 2013 or 2014? But I'm gonna be honest, I am not sure. Uh. I'm not sure what else to say but it's! Really nice to be back and I missed this place a lot! Hoping to see some friendly faces and see some new folks ✌🏼

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Re: Back with a new gender

Post by Cabaline » Wed 29th Jul 2020

Hey, welcome back! It's great to see you again ^_^

I remember you from back in the days! :D

We have a bunch of stuff going on! We are re-reading the whole AF series, and we're on The Eternity Code just now if that is something you are interested in! :) We have also revived the Haven Herald on the main site, and Battery made a gorgeous FG timeline of all of the important stuff that's happened over the past decade or so ^_^

I am so excited to see you around the forums again :D
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Re: Back with a new gender

Post by Battery » Wed 29th Jul 2020

Dude!! Hi!! Do you know how much I've missed you!! Welcome back x 1000, the most active thread at the moment is Count to [Secret???]k and like Cabby said, we're re-reading the books and the HH is back up and running. But it'll be cool just to see you around again whatever you feel like using this place for <3

EDIT: Also, if you'd prefer I rein in my extremely Californian tendency to call everybody "dude" that is 100% doable

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Re: Back with a new gender

Post by AFrules12 » Thu 30th Jul 2020

Hi!! I think I remember you from back in the day, it's great to have you back!! :D

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Re: Back with a new gender

Post by artymon I\/ » Thu 30th Jul 2020

Hey hey!!! Welcome back!! Post it up and rock on!
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