Fowl Twins & Spoilers

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Fowl Twins & Spoilers

Post by Battery » Tue 5th Nov 2019

Hey folks! I didn't think we'd ever need one of these posts again, but here we are. The first book in the Fowl Twins series releases today!

As usual with new releases, spoilers for the new book should be posted in the Fowl of the Future section only. Please also keep specific spoilers out of thread titles, since these will be visible without clicking through.

Once an appropriate amount of time has passed, the Artemis Fowl General section will become the Fowl General section, and everyone can discuss the new series alongside the original Artemis books.

If you're a new member just finding the site with the new release, welcome! You can introduce yourself over here, and we look forward to seeing you around.

Also, for those who may have missed the announcement: we have a Discord server!

Happy reading, everybody! :)

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