Possible Shoutbox Fix

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Possible Shoutbox Fix

Post by MichaelM » Sun 21st Jul 2013

I know the shoutbox has been an eternal thorn in our sides since I first set it up. It just crashes *a lot*

I've made some changes today though which will hopefully sort this. From now on, every 2 hours (on the hour) the history will be reset. That means if you log on at 4:01, you will probably be looking at a blank shoutbox.

I've added a link beside the "Go" button though, which links directly to the chat logs from the previous 2 hours (That's as far back as the logs will go though. At 6:00, the 4:00-6:00 log would overwrite the old 2:00-4:00 one). This way, you'll be able to see what you've just missed at least.

If you happen to be online during the changeover, the experience will probably vary depending on your browser. Ideally, you'll just start seeing the new messages. If you do have any issues though, please post them here (The easiest fix will be refreshing the page just).

It's kind of a nuisance, but ideally this means the box will never get to a point where it breaks. And if it does, it will fix itself on the next hour (Rather than waiting for me to catch on, which can be days... :oops: )

(PS - I've looked time and again for a better script, but there aren't many good shoutboxes out there. The vast majority make you go off to the owner's site, or sift through adverts, ugh...)

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Re: Possible Shoutbox Fix

Post by slepyoneshot » Tue 23rd Jul 2013

thank you SO much for bringing the SB back up :D!
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Re: Possible Shoutbox Fix

Post by world is quiet here » Thu 1st Aug 2013

Btw, the roleplay sb is glitching with main one? the chats are going into each others?

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Re: Possible Shoutbox Fix

Post by Felina » Thu 1st Aug 2013

Nice work. Glad that we can have this work again :D
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