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Post by Battery » Tue 5th Mar 2013

Hi all! We hope you're all having a good start to March :) We'd just like to take a moment to address something we've seen quite a bit lately that we'd rather not see.

This is just a reminder that the site rules do still stand! This includes the use of profanity and double-posting restrictions, as well as the shoutbox rules. A few of those we'd like to make sure you remember are:

1. the consecutive message limit. It's still four. One extra message may not seem like a big deal, but if we let it go then there's not really anything stopping people from posting progressively more, which could flood (or possibly even break) the shoutbox. It may not seem too important, but please do keep it to four messages in a row maximum in the shoutbox.

2. KEEP IT APPROPRIATE. We can't stress this enough!! We've had members as young as nine years old on this site - please remember it is in essence a children's forum. Conversations about anything over a PG level are not okay. Okay? Okay.

We'd also like to remind everyone that being a member for a longer time or being part of the site team does NOT entitle you to special treatment, and all the rules, not just those mentioned here, still apply to everyone.

Our regular mod team is generally pretty lenient when it comes to consequences, but if we continue to see users ignoring the rules as has happened recently, we may have to be a bit more harsh. We're not trying to ruin anyone's fun, but we do need to keep the site functioning and safe for all our members.

- The Mod Team