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Post by Bang Your Drum » Sun 8th Jan 2012

Hi all,
It's come to light that there are messages in the "vent here" topic related to other members. Now it's good to realize you can't be friends with everyone, but venting or posting negative things about other members is unacceptable. It not only counts as flaming, which can have you banned, but it can be hurtful to the person being vented about on a personal level. FG is meant to be a safe place for everyone, but it can't be if members are being attacked in "vent" posts.
If you have a conflict with another user, PM me (Bang Your Drum) and I will help with your conflict.

Bang Your Drum, the other admin, and the mod team.
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Re: Venting

Post by BoboParadizo » Tue 21st Feb 2012

Wow. Over a thousand views, and nobody's posted. x3

I absolutely agree. FG should be a safe place, and I won't vent negative things about other members...

But I guess if you really needed to vent, you could be extremely vague. No specific names or events or ANYTHING to indicate who it is. Just my opinion, though.