FanGathering's 5th Annual Awards! [Voting is Now Open!]

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FanGathering's 5th Annual Awards! [Voting is Now Open!]

Post by Battery » Thu 18th Aug 2011

For those of you who haven't yet seen, FG has just kicked off its fifth annual board awards! And Haven help us, they're even on time this year. So if you haven't yet, head on over to the awards forum and take a look at this year's categories. Nominations are open now, and will be so until August 16. Voting will begin a day later, on the seventeenth, at which time this announcement will be updated. Now, stop reading this announcement and go nominate some deserving FG'ers! And remember, have fun, everyone!

Update, August 17:

Alright, everyone, it's voting time! Head on over to the board linked to above, and vote for your top three choices in each category in the provided threads.

Here are the rules for voting, which are presented again in each thread:

Rules for Voting

• Each person may vote for a maximum of three people per category where a voter's first choice is given three points the second choice two points, and the third choice one point.
• Voting will be made public. One can vote by simply posting and assigning points on the category threads.
• Logically, you also are not allowed to vote for yourself.
• Voting begins a day after nominations, August 17th, and ends on August 27th, and will be announced on the main site.

Have fun everyone!