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Shout Box Rules

Post by Bang Your Drum » Mon 1st Aug 2011

Hey FG! Because we didn't really have one thread where our members could see all the shoutbox rules in one place, the site team recently wrote up an easy to understand list of everything you need to remember :) So if you don't know them all by heart already, it would be great if you could have a look through. Have fun shoutboxing, everyone :)

1. No more than four posts in a row: If one person posts too many consecutive messages in the shoutbox, it can flood it, and also kill whatever conversation might have been happening otherwise.

2. No more than four forms of punctuation in a row: Just as it is considered bad netiquette to use all caps (which is translated as shouting), it is also frowned upon to use excessive exclamation marks or question marks.

3. No vulgar language or rudeness: It is against forum policy to flame, curse, or attack another member verbally. This is the quickest way to get yourself a warning or a ban.

4. Do not have a conversation in the SB that you could be having in real life: If the person is in the same room with you in real life, do no hold a conversation in the shoutbox.

5. No spam, pointless messages or advertisements: this contributes towards flooding the shoutbox, is extremely annoying, and disrupts the flow of regular conversations.

6. No messages written in all caps. It is perceived as shouting and is very rude: basic netiquette dictates that using all caps is amounted to shouting, which is extremely rude and annoying.

7. No roleplaying in the regular shoutbox: There is a separate shoutbox for that located in the Roleplay forum. This way, you can have a conversation in the regular shoutbox without it being interrupted by a roleplay.

8. Always listen to the Site Team and Mods: Trust us, we know what’s best for the forum and its members. We’re just here to keep things fun and safe!

9. No changing usernames: this can confuse other members and the moderators, whose only interest is in keeping the users safe when in the shoutbox. It is acceptable to change your name to convey from what device you are accessing the site (e.g. HaTheKindle vs HaTheAngel) so long as it remains explicitly clear who you are. Having a username in the shoutbox that differs from your forum username (e.g. Lady Fowlie v. FowlStar) is allowed, but once you choose your shoutbox username, please do not change it.

10. No flaming: this will result in a ban from the Mod team.

11. No *flooding the shoutbox.

12. Do not engage in illegal activity on the shoutboxes: For obvious reasons, this is not tolerated on our site.

13. Add your character's name in parenthesis when roleplaying in the roleplay shoutbox. Do not erase your username: this can also confuse members and the Mod team, and if someone is breaking the rules, we’d like to be able to see who.

14. Erase your roleplay name in the regular shoutbox to avoid confusion.

15. No special characters with your shoutbox username: This can confuse new users who might need a Mod's assistance in the shoutbox. Remember, all real moderators will have a gold star next to their names.

*** For more information on flooding the shoutbox, please click here.
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Re: Shout Box Rules

Post by That Chick2 » Wed 22nd Feb 2012

Thank you.

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Re: Shout Box Rules

Post by Iris » Fri 2nd Mar 2012

Maybe a mod could sticky this? It's often needed when there is a newbie.

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