Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by LEPreconGirl » Sat 18th Jun 2011

First, major congratulations to the new mods! You guys, I've seen your posts and will soon know you better, hopefully. (RP!)
Second, Alanna, goodbye. I never really met you, you were always the mod with the name that made me think of Tamora Pierce books. You seemed awesome and were really helpful with my questions about AF land. I hope you still visit us here at FG!
Oh, and now all the colors are messed up! I'll be even more dazed and confused now...

*Wanders off sadly, head hanging, hands in pockets, tears dripping down face. Singing quietly to myself.**appears, hand a tissue and a complete set of Pierce's books*
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by ArtyRocks » Sun 19th Jun 2011

first, i'd like to congrat the new mods! i know u'll do great!
second, Alanna! I'll miss u! u were the first mod i met (even if it was 2:30 am) and u were so kind! I shall always remember u, and i was actually hoping this day would never come! bai, bai old friend!

*walks into the darkness, tears dripping down her cheeks, slilent tears, they are, showing the admiration of Alanna, dear, dear Alanna, a friend to all*

Wow. that sounded as if that were at a funeral. anyway, we'll always remember u Alanna!

P.S. great writing! XD

*smiles, hugs ArtyRocks* Best of luck kiddo.

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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by faerimagic » Mon 20th Jun 2011

Congratulations to the new mods! :D
I'm sure you guys will do a good job. ^_^

But why...are my friends on here slowly leaving? ;_; Goodbye, Alanna. I do hope you will grace us with your presence from time to time.

"And so, dear friends, another god--er--mod has left us. Let us hope that the world of FG will continue despite this tragic loss."

And, of course, lovely writing. :D

Alas, all things must change FM. *smiles, hands anti-stress kit*

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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by Artemis Lore » Tue 21st Jun 2011

Congrats everyone! And I was just getting used to the last batch of promotions to xD And Gothic: congrats on official-head-mod-ship, (though with the new name will you get a new nickname?)

Wow... Alanna, where to start? You where the first person I got to know when I joined the site. From starting a warzone, stalking /b/, stockpiling palindromes, and plotting domination of pretty much everything its been great to have you as my e-twin and friend when I didn't have many. You sure made some awesome pranks while in with the mods. I hope you still zoom through to say hello every once in a while as the site's definitely going to be different without you. I only wish I hadn't been so elusive the past few months and got to talk to you and everyone else more. I've seen you go through nearly every color, though I have to say that silver suits you well. Farewell, and good luck in whatever you wish.

*hugs her e-sis* You still have my email though, right?
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by artemisfowlexpert1 » Wed 22nd Jun 2011

Hey its your bestest buddy! Congrats guys, you guys totally deserve this spot and will help FG get better and awesomer! Yeah! :D
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