Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

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Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by Alanna » Sat 18th Jun 2011

She watches from the shadows, and smiles. Silver robes billow around the figure, trimmed by green: the colours of a retired global. Another figure in blue approaches the congregation of mulicoloured moderators on the stage, looking up to face P5. A-Passing-Bookworm. Behind her approaches AA, in a yellow trimmed green robe. The silver trimmed green robed girl comes up quietly behind P5, keeping to the shadows. ‘Who is she?’ mutters the crowd. They know the importance of the colours... but they can’t remember what the silver means.

The figure remains silent as APB is modded, her robes turning the orange of moddom. Next AA steps up, offering one green trimmed hand to the shadowy figure. “Alanna...”
Alanna steps out of the shadows, smiling softly. She takes AA’s hands as her friend's robes change colour. Next to her the robes of Gothic gain their band of gold, the mark of the senior mod. Not a word is spoken. Ala turns to face everyone. “Today you have witnessed the modding of my friend Aretha, may she mod well. AA has taken up her rightful place as a global.... and, you have seen something else. Gothic is now the most senior of the globals. Before me was P5, and now its Gothic’s right.

“I hear you asking, why am I wearing silver? Silver or grey is our colour of retirement. I have chosen to stand down and let someone else take my place, as I am no longer needed here. Farewell... for it is time for the next part of my story, and it is not set here. Do not fear being forgotten, as time never forgets. It was hard to find the right words, but I realise I only really needed the one. Farewell.

“Farewell in your endeavors, my friends.” She says no more, and leaves the stage.
Congratulations to A-Passing-Bookworm on becoming the new Off Topic moderator.
Congratulations to Artificial Asian on becoming a global moderator.
Congratulations to GothicLollipop in your appointment as senior moderator.
Farewell Alanna, and all the best in your endeavors.

As of today, our moderators are:

MichaelM – Webmaster

GothicLollipop – Senior Mod
xox Miss Livia xox
Artificial Asian

cabaline– AF
carino – AF
Duck With No Name - Off Topic
A-Passing-Bookworm – Off Topic

PS: Banana Pie! *vanishes*
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by HollyShort9 » Sat 18th Jun 2011

Congratulations APB, my big sister and dancing buddy!!! You'll do great!! :D

Congratulations to AA for the promotion as well! You deserve it!
And goodbye Alanna... we'll all miss you :( I'll miss you too, you lil hyper squirrel!

*leaves a few bars of chocolate*
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by Battery » Sat 18th Jun 2011

Before I start crying over the latter part of this, I'll say congratulations to APB and Gothic :) You guys both really deserve this. I can't think of anyone who would be better for either job.

And now Alanna. APB and I have both said that we would rather have you stay than anything else, and I still mean that. I've already cried over your leaving three times over, and I'm fairly sure this is going to bring up a fourth. So here goes. *hands tissues*

You're one of my best friends in the world. You have been since I met you. You were my first friend here, and you were one of the few people I stayed close with for this whole year and a half. You were like a big sister and a mentor to me so many times, even though I'm older than you. You are one of the most fun, amazing, unique people I've ever met. You leaving is like a best friend moving away.

Add to that list at the bottom a congratulations for yourself from me, because you've done so much since you came here, and before I even met you.You can do that yourself now, you're a global! You're an amazing friend, and I know you've helped so many people through hard times, including myself on more than one occasion. FG loves you, and we'll miss you so much. It just won't be the same without you around here.

So farewell, as you say, but I know we'll meet again. As I've said several times before and never not meant, I love you, Lanny. You're as good a friend as anyone could hope for. I'll miss being your friend, your sister, and your partner in crime.

So in the words of Billie Joe Armstrong, because you know I can't resist these cheesy things, "For what it's worth, it was worth all the while / It's something unpredictable, but in the end, it's right / I hope you had the time of your life."

*stops editing post, leaves a lil fuzzy penguin plushie*
Thanks, Lanny *huggles penguin* I'll name her Alena Zelen ;)
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by CaptainMiraKelp » Sat 18th Jun 2011

A-Alanna? You're leaving! NUUUUUUUUU! *starts crying* *hands tissue*I will miss you you crazy little insane friend person thing! ... Wait, your just leaving mod-dom. Or are you? If you leave I will hunt you down TT. Hey! That's no way to say farewell. Ok, Mira, stop crying and actually say goodbye. Alanna, you've always been Green, I freaked out when I saw you purple because it went against my inner FG grain. And now, gray? I might jump off a cliff. And if you try, you'll summon me >.<I'll miss you, Alanna, I really will.

AA, OMG my geeky friend! Congratulations! You really deserve it, FG is your domain now! Enjoy, before I kidnap you.... JK. You really deserve it, you've been here and awesome, forever. EVER. I can't remember if you posted in my hi thread or not, I just remember the first day I really started getting to know you was when we started PMing each other like lunatics. Congratulations, my PMy friend :D

APB: Yay for my RPer.... I dun know you that well XD But I know you're an amazing RPer, who I will always envy for her marvelous skills. Shine bright, new mod, shine bright :)

GL: Head mod! Head mod! @P5 See, it didn't matter that I changed the term. YAY YAY YAY! You're so AWESOME! *glomps* Now, remember, give all newbies a plushie with their big wall of text, tell them about Sherlock, and dangit, have fun! I know you'll do a great job :)

*jumps out of post, leaving a xylophone behind*
*Cuddles xylophone, starting to cry again* I LOVE YOU ALANNAAAAAA!
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by A Passing Bookworm » Sat 18th Jun 2011

Alanna you're one of my best friends. I used to come home, everyday from school, and you'd be the first person I talked to. You've made me smile and laugh when I felt down. You're one of my dearest friends, and I... I'd rather have you stay than anything else.

Be happy, chase your dreams, and live your life. Don't ever let anyone tell you you aren't awesome because you are. And remember us here, because we will never forget you.

And I'm gonna start crying too now... :hugs: *hugs back, hands tissues* I love you, Alanna.

And AA... Green is your color. :D How many times have I told you that today? :O Well, it is. And I know you'll be an awesome global mod, cause, let's face it, if there's anyone who deserves that job, it's you. ;)

Congratulations, AA! :awesome:

*leaves sparkly new banhammer, a chocoblaster and a key to her armory*
Oh darn, now I've to think of a modding-editing colour too, don't I? If only for my own kicks... ;)Is this one taken, then? If it is, I shall change it...

Thanks, Alanna. :hugs: Love you so, so much. <3
Aretha, P5 took that colour if I remember right.

Oh darn... :( fine. Is this one taken?
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by Josephine Fowl » Sat 18th Jun 2011

... FG has gone colourful... Whoa... I didn't see that coming. *hands sunglasses*

Ala, you're a great person. I remember when I was new... Or new-er... You were there to talk to me and tell me of what to do and what not to. You're like a sister, even though we don't talk much. I can't believe it... *sits down and cries* *hands tissues* I can't believe that you're actually leaving us! I want you to stay! Be green again right now and stay here! Jk... May you have fun on the other side of the screen. Farewell, my friend. *waves with a tissue*

AA! Mike! Oh my, you're green now? I don't understand it. You've been orange since I came and I was used to that. Now your name looks... Weird! Jk, congrats, Mike! You're way too awesome and you'll always be.

APB... Whoa, congrats! I don't know you very well, but as far as I know you're a really awesome RPer! Oh, and dancer, too! You're gonna do a great job, I'm sure. May you enjoy your stay at the mod-house!

Gothic, dear, congrats! Senior moderator? Oh my, that sounds stupid, but cool anyway! But still congrats and good luck with the newbies, just saying... Heh.

I'm not much for saying goodbye, Ala, I rather want you to stay. But then, it's not my choice. But I wish it was. Goodbye, Alakins!

*rummages through pockets for a gift, decides to leave a few bottles of awesomeness and randomness*
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by Felina » Sat 18th Jun 2011

Congratulations AA and APB!!!

@Ala We all love you ♥Alanna♥ *hugs*
And thank you for all things you have helped me when you were a mod. *is blinded by colour* No probs. Just be careful who you're sending those PMs to.
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by Duck With No Name » Sat 18th Jun 2011

Congratulations, APB! :D I know that you're going to be an amazing mod and as AA said, you really deserve it. ^_^

Congratulations also to AA, my lovely big sis on becoming greeeen, and congratulations to Lolly too on becoming senior mod. ;) You're going to be awesome, guys. (Not that you weren't already or anything, just to make that clear! XD You've both always been awesome.)

And Alanna. I'm going to miss you so, so much. You're one of my best friends that I've ever had, and just because you're leaving FG, don't dare to think that that's going to change anything, OK? *is trying very hard not to cry ><* *gets tissues out* You've taught me so much on here and like AA said, you've been like a big sister to me too, although unlike AA's situation, you are actually older than me by a month and two days... XP You're a brilliant person Lanna and I know that whatever you choose to do in life, you're going to succeed it and no doubt place a banana pie on top, and I just want to say good luck for your future. :)

I'm going to miss you and I'll always remember the times back when we counted together as users on the count to 50 thread, and the time when you gave me my nickname Dawn (no-one else is ever going to call me that! ><), and all the times in general that I've spent with you. :) (As for the day with writing on oak wood paper... that's going to feature someday in an FG fanfic, I can promise you. :wink: ) lol, I can't believe you remembered that.

So goodbye, Alanna, and good luck- I'm going to miss you. :)

You take care of your other sisters for me, ok? *hugs, leaves a little duck trinket*

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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by Shadow Light » Sat 18th Jun 2011

"Don't you dare touch that door. " says his last message. It's from a close friend. He loves her a lot. She doesn't know anything, though. Still, he loves her a lot. He puts the small device away and his eyes do not wander anywhere but the door that was in front of him. He might not have the heart to leave if he looked around too much.

He has dark hair that, in truth, was not dark at all and a pair of brown eyes that were sometimes the colour of mud and occasionally glistened like bright, polished cherry wood, though he was neither bright nor polished. In this instance, it was of the former.

He smiles nervously. It's for no one but himself. He is a selfish boy. No one will miss him. Everyone disappeared a while ago and no one will miss him. His hand reaches for the door as he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, anticipating the contact between his skin and the cold metal of the handle.

He is slightly surprised when the coldness is instantly overtook by a certain warmth that only certain people could emit.It is a warmth he is very familiar with, it is nothing like his own cold skin, and yet, he does not believe.

No one comes here. They can't. They won't.

He keeps his eyes closed. He does not want to confirm his own suspicions. He does not want to believe. He refuses to trust his instincts. This was not true. This was not real.

And yet, come to think of it, nothing was real in this place.

But as they say, out of sight, out of mind.

He did not want to know.

"This isn't a joke. " Her voice had always been beautiful, gentle, sweet, yet firm.

"What are the colours of your robes?" he barely manages a whisper. His throat his dry and his arms are trembling violently. His hand is still on hers.

"Different from yours. " she says. He knows she is smiling, although sadly.

She knows he knows what was happening. He is a smart boy.

He wants to tell her to stay. But he does not have the right. So he simply stays silent, which was, in itself, a rare sight.

She squeezes his hand. "I'll miss you. " she says. Or at least, he hopes that was what she had said, he could not hear properly.

The pale boy had no blood in his cheeks, no life in his soul. And now memories were slowly eating away like how the cookie monster comes and goes with nothing but trails of cookie crumbs.

He says nothing. He cannot say anything. He wants her to stay. He wants her to go and have a drink with him, he could tell her how beautiful she was, how special, how amazing, how spectacular she was in every aspect.

"I'll miss you. " she says again, or at least that was what he hoped he heard. Another squeeze and all contact is gone. All warmth, all soul, everything.

He opens his murky brown eyes that were currently more than slightly watery. He turns around.

She is gone. Leaving behind only wisps of silvery grey and traces of a smile.

The little device in his pocket vibrates. He glances at it.

"I'm not the only one who has had a change of colour. Don't be jealous " it says. "I'll miss you. " he hopes that was what he saw. That she would miss him. That she would remember him. That his name would never slip from her mind. He is terribly afraid.

He looks back at the door, the metal handle shivering excitedly. He turns back and starts walking. He is terribly afraid.

Soon, he tells himself, but not today.
She appears silently in Sea's room, moving over to his desk.Taking a seat Alanna takes out her signature purple ink and writes, Sea, don't forget my prophecy. I see you in orange robes, looking at my farewell thread and crying again. I see this as if I was the one crying.
I see a figure of mods behind you, but I see that not all are there. I am not sure if this is because someone left.

She waits for the ink to dry before folding the note, and removing something from her pocket. Its a lone photograph of a much younger girl in orange robes, eating a slice of pie. Alanna gently places the photo with the letter, before leaving through the door.
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Sat 18th Jun 2011

Oh Alanna... I'll miss the way you stood up for me when Nathan was causing trouble on Fg with me... When we could talk on MSN about everything and fg related things...

Just... Be good. Be awesome... I don't know what to say, really... Call for me when I am needed, for I shall come. I'll happily deal with the next jerk.

I'll miss you. Farewell Alanna.
*smiles, leaves her old rapier*
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by domvoia » Sat 18th Jun 2011

Congrates guys but Alanna touched the heart of many we all are gonna miss her and for the ones that didn't even get to miss her... We'll hold on to Alanna's heart as long as we can...

Alanna you were on of the only ones I would vent to and now your meh*crys* *hands tissues*
Thanks Alanna
Bye Alanna I'll miss you forever...

*leaves a bag of useful things* Still thank you! I will never ever forget you!
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by Felina » Sat 18th Jun 2011

*hand shaking with Ala*

You will miss me... but it's Ok. You will come to us soon, I know you will. *hugs her and cries* Just don't forget us. And one more thing.

From our hearts, my heart and the heart of all FG.

Goodbye Ala. You will miss us :cry:

*still cries* And don't you dare to not visit us.
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by shadowsnake451 » Sat 18th Jun 2011

Oh my god, Alanna! I could barely believe it when I read the announcement!
Remember that we here at FG love you very much and we wish you luck in wherever life takes you. We're gonna miss you so much!

PS. Congrats to the new mods on their promotions! XD

You can loan my backgrounds any day :) *clickies the dragon eggs*
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by burningice » Sat 18th Jun 2011

First off, congrats to everyone! Everything was well deserved!

To Alana, even though I didnt know you very well, this site wont be the same *cries* *is running out of tissues, hands her hankie* Its clean.
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Re: Congratulations Artificial Asian and A-Passing-Bookworm!

Post by FowlStar » Sat 18th Jun 2011

My friend in green.

My mentor, my teacher.

Above all, my beautiful sister.

Though you leave today,
The memories shall always stay,

Etched in mind,
Fiber of our lives,

Remembrance is key,
To living, not sadly.

We shall survive.

Your silvery presence shall haunt the halls,
Deliverance of memories dear,

You future,
Fly away now,

Is clear.

We shall survive.

Live your life,
Remember our laughs.

Live your dreams.
However hard it may seem.

Spectacular butterfly,
I set you free.

Wander as you may,
But remember this:

We shall survive.

Spectacular butterfly,

In our grief,
Our sorrow,

We cry, we wail,
Echos of pain,

But above all, know this:

We love you,
Even on your glory-bound train.

We shall survive.

Never doubt that you can write poetry missy.

Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to become Moderators, and Globals. AA, APB, you both deserve everything your have right now, and you have worked very hard. May many more years of happiness pervade your reign of the Moddom of FG (I coined a new term for the Mod team! Yay! :D :P).

As for Lanna-pie (BTW, -Pie is the highest honorific Fowlie can give to anyone, enjoy it. :D):

Be free Alanna-Lena. Go pursue your dreams, and know that you have my blessings, my well wishes, and great memories of all the beautiful times, awesomeness pills, and banana pie. You were one of my first friends on FG, and it is heartbreaking for me to have you leave. There are no more words. Every loving feeling has been poured into this poem.

There are no more words.

Except Goodbye.

Oh Gods, who's gonna help me with my seizures?!!!!@!!!!11!!@!!!21!!?
*leaves a case of vials, and a contact*
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