Profile Settings Upgrade

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Profile Settings Upgrade

Post by p5ychic » Tue 14th Jun 2011

Hey gang!

I just did a quick upgrade to the profile settings to make the options a little more accurate and inclusive.

So, if anyone would like their gender displayed in their profile, you now have a little more freedom with how it's displayed. If you want to share your gender, please go to the UCP (the same place where you edit your profile, avatar, and signature) and choose your gender under "edit profile."

Hope this helps!

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Re: Profile settings upgrade

Post by FowlStar » Tue 14th Jun 2011

I know this may seem silly, but could we have a little more detail in our profile? I remember AFC had a bunch of cool stuff they let you put on your profile. I think....we could have something like favorite color, name, blah, blah, blah. Maybe you could have all of us users pitch in different ideas for a more detailed profile. Just thought I'd say that. :P

But, the gender option thingy is cool. :D
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Re: Profile settings upgrade

Post by domvoia » Tue 14th Jun 2011

It does and I agree Fowlie^ I've seen that site and I have to admit its cool. Though it won't let me join which makes me mad.
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Re: Profile settings upgrade

Post by Felina » Tue 14th Jun 2011

^Agrees with Fowlie-sama. That could be awesome...

And the gender opinion really IS cool...
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Re: Profile Settings Upgrade

Post by ashyartemispotozuko » Sat 23rd Jul 2011

I really like that! (the gender thing). And i really agree with the above comments, about more things added. Some ideas thrown out there: Favorite AF book, fav AF character, Fav AF quote, Fav thing to do, where do you go on this site (where do you have a computer with internet??) what else do you do on the internet, etc, etc...
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