Congratulations, Duckie!

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Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by p5ychic » Mon 11th Apr 2011

As you may have noticed, there's a little more color on our page lately! We're proud to welcome Duck With No Name as our new orange moderator!

We're happy to make her part of our moderating family, and hope you all give her the congratulations she deserves!

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Josephine Fowl
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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by Josephine Fowl » Mon 11th Apr 2011

Congrats, Duckie-Duck! :D
You truly deserve it ^_^
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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by Battery » Mon 11th Apr 2011

Congratulations, Duckie, welcome to the family :)
I know you'll do a great job, and it's great to have you on the team!

Clare says congratulations as well, by the way, she says to say "*hugs* <3 Congratulations!" :)

You really deserve this, congrats, my friend.

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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by CaptainMiraKelp » Mon 11th Apr 2011

Great job, Duck! I hope to follow in your waddled footsteps someday! Awesome you!
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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by ArtyRocks » Mon 11th Apr 2011

Congrats! U so deserved it, u r kind and truthful to everyone u meet! :awesome:
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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Mon 11th Apr 2011

Congratualtions Duckie, it's nice to have a little more Orange back on the page!
You'll do a fine job Duckie :)
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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by burningice » Mon 11th Apr 2011

Congrats! You so deserve it! :woot:

(Unfortunately, though we are happy for you, the Count to 50 on our side is doomed...)
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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by Silversong » Mon 11th Apr 2011

Wow! Congrats, Duckie! Im really happy for you :D! I think your going to be awesome!

(But I must agree, BI. I must agree.)
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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by theramagic » Tue 12th Apr 2011

congratz DWNN! :D
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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by Alanna » Tue 12th Apr 2011

Congrats Dawn and welcome to the family :P If you ever need help, you can always PM.
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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by wingedwolf » Tue 12th Apr 2011

*claps* 'Grats Duckie you deserve it *grins*
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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by Duck With No Name » Tue 12th Apr 2011

Thank you so much everybody! :D I'll try to do my best, and yes, the mods will be winning the Count to 50 this year. :wink:

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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by KierisaNOT12 » Tue 12th Apr 2011

Imma little late, but CONGRATS Ducky! I'm sure you'll do an epic job ^^

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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by faerimagic » Tue 12th Apr 2011

*enter screaming girl with maniac fairy*

CONGRATS DUCKIE! I'm so happy for you! Yay for the new mod!! :D :D

((Does this mean I get to keep your treacle tart? :wink:))

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Re: Congratulations, Duckie!

Post by crazychick » Thu 14th Apr 2011

:D Congratulations, Duckie!!! You've turned orange!!! 8) I'm vurry happy for you! *hug* You totally deserve this! ;) I know you'll do great. **HIGH PRESSURE** :)

...I knew this would happen. :P Now all of the mods know Treacle Tart! XD

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