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Updates, new rules and anything else you need to know about the forum.
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Guide to Using This Forum

Post by Cr4b5t3r » Tue 12th Jun 2007

This thread is a guide on how to use the more important features of this forum.

Posting on the Board
The main board is split up into 3 different categories: Announcements and Feedback; Artemis Fowl Series; and Off Topic. These have smaller categories (called forums) under them. Simply click the name of a forum to be taken inside it. A list of threads will be shown. These threads are topics to talk about. Just click on one to read it.

The main feature of threads is the posts. (A post is a message that someone has left) To reply to an existing post, make sure you are currently reading that post and click Image . All you have to do is type in your message in the large box in the center, and click Image when you are done.

To quote another's post in your reply, click Image

To edit your own post, after you have already posted it, click Image

To start your own thread (topic), go to the forum which suits your thread, and click Image

If this seems a little confusing, practice it in the Random forum, at:
That way, you can make as many mistakes as you want, and no-one will ever mind.

Extra Posting Options
When typing a message on this board, you can do a lot more than simply enter text. On the "Post" screen, you will see a lot of options above the main-content box. To use any of these, simply click it once, and it will enter some code into your content box. Then type the text which you want to be formatted after this code. Finally, you then need to click the "Close All Tags" link, and the forum will add a little more code, to make your formatting work.

Example: To make my text bold, click Image . It will add a

Code: Select all

in my message. ClickImage to close your code. It will add a

Code: Select all

in my message. If I do that, my message would look as follows:
If I do that, my message would look like this But if I don’t, my message will look like this.

This [ open tag] [/close tag] function will work for any of these buttons:
If you have several open tags, you can automatically close them by clicking: Image

To add a "Emoticon" (Eg. :D ), simply click which emoticon in this list : Image you want to add, and the forum will add the code for that emoticon to your post. You can find even more emoticons if you click: Image

You can experiment with these codes by adding them to your post, and then clicking Image before you clickImage .

Adding Images

NB - The same method is used to add images to posts, or to your signature.

1 - If the image is on your computer, load, click the browse button, and find the file on your computer, then click ok. Now click host it.

2 - You will now see a screen with some text on it, in boxes. Next to one of the boxes it will say "Direct Link to Image" - Copy all of the text in that box.

3 - Go to wherever you want to put your image (Eg. The signature section in your profile, or a normal “Post Reply" screen), and type:

Code: Select all

 [img]URL HERE[/img]


Code: Select all

[img] [/img]

Would give:


The Profile Section
You may want to create a profile so that we know a little bit about you. Click the "Profile" button, which is at the top of all pages. The Profile page contains all of your personal settings, including personal messages, profile info, signature info, and avatar settings. We'll go over all these in more detail later on. To start off with, let's edit your profile .

Editing Your Profile
Here you can fill in your messenger contacts, home page, location, and interests. Fill in any info you wish to give, and then clickImage . Remember that your e-mail address will not be shown to anyone in the interest of privacy. When you post, under your avatar will be a member title. This is not editable, and the forum will choose your custom title for you, and will continue doing so until MM changes the way the forum functions. The ranks depend on your post count, as follows:

***Member Ranks***
0 - 5 posts - Goblin
5 - 10 posts - B'wa Kell Lieutenant
10 - 30 posts - Mud-Man
30 - 60 posts - Gnome
60 - 100 posts - Dwarf Miner
100 - 200 posts - Troll
200 - 300 posts - LEP Recruit
300 - 500 posts - Dwarf Thief
500 - 700 posts - LEPretrieval Team Member
700 - 1000 posts - LEPrecon Officer
1000 - 2000 posts - Centaur Genius
2000 - 3000 posts - LEP Commander
3000+ posts - Council Member

You can look at anyone else's profile by simply clicking their user name or pressingImage under their post.

Editing Your Signature
Scroll down, and there is a signature field. A signature is text that appears at the bottom of each message you post. For example, look at the bottom of this thread to see my signature. Type in whatever you wish to use as a signature and clickImage . You can have images in your signature if you wish, but make sure you read
<a href='' target='_blank'>The Rules</a> to know the limits on what you are allowed to put into your signature.

Adding an Avatar
An avatar is a picture that appears under your user name when you post. To upload an avatar, choose one of three options:

1) A pre-installed avatar. Simply clickImage , choose which category you want, (Image ) and then select the one you want and clickImage . If you chose the wrong one by accident, simply clickImage instead.
2) A picture from another site. Enter the web address and pressImage
3) A picture on your hard drive. Click browse or enter the picture name, and clickImage . Please note that there is a maximum dimension for avatars, which is currently 100 x 100 pixels. Avatars also have a maximum size of 30k

You may also choose to remove your avatar by clicking theImage button.

Now your profile is complete! If you wish to reset your profile, clickImage , next to Image

Personal Messages
You can PM any user by clicking theImage button underneath one of their posts, or clicking theImage button in their profile. A personal message travels to the other user instantly; the next time they log in they will see their new message. You can use this as an alternative to e-mail. To see if you have new messages, simply look at the top right of the screen; next to the profile link you will see a link that says x new messages. If you have a new message, this text will appear in red, and bold.

Online Users List
On the main page, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find a list of all the users who are currently browsing the forum.

It pretty much speaks for itself .

Well, that should be everything! Remember, if you have any questions, just post them here, or PM any of the mods or MichaelM [The admin]

----Thanks to MichaelM for posting the original forum guide, and allowing me to use it as a reference.
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Post by MichaelM » Tue 12th Jun 2007

Thanks for updating this with the new images Crabster. Stickied and locked. :)