What Movie Did You Watch Last?

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Re: What Movie Did You Watch Last?

Postby Cabaline » Wed 13th Jan 2016

The Martian.

Really funny, emotional and I really enjoyed it :D
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Re: What Movie Did You Watch Last?

Postby Duck With No Name » Sun 24th Jan 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens :'D

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Re: What Movie Did You Watch Last?

Postby Bang Your Drum » Mon 25th Jan 2016

Moses Seixas wrote:give bigotry no sanction
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Re: What Movie Did You Watch Last?

Postby Josephine Fowl » Thu 31st Mar 2016

Top Gear: The Botswana Special

It's technically not a movie, but it's 1½ long and it was on DVD, so it counts imo. :awesome:
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Re: What Movie Did You Watch Last?

Postby Falcon! » Mon 30th May 2016

John Dies At The End. Like, it was okay. It wasn't a very good transition from book to movie; I wish they'd been a little less focused on taking lines straight from the book and more on adapting the plot, haha, it felt like a meaningless mash of all the filmmaker's favorite parts.
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Re: What Movie Did You Watch Last?

Postby Battery » Fri 24th Jun 2016

Captain America: Civil War, finally
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Re: What Movie Did You Watch Last?

Postby Felina » Sat 15th Apr 2017

Power Rangers! :D
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Re: What Movie Did You Watch Last?

Postby artymon I\/ » Mon 17th Apr 2017

Carrie Pilby.

Still haven't finished it, letting myself relish in it. I noticed one sloppy nitpick, in the scene with Carrie and Matt, they no sooner place their order then literally a second later Matt takes a sip of his drink, but it doesn't show the waitress coming back, nor is it a new scene, it's literally like:

Carrie: I'll just have a water.
Matt: I'll take a diet Coke and a double bacon cheeseburger, cause I'm AMERICAN.
Carrie: *cocks eye* Really? Diet coke?
Matt: *pats self* Gotta try and keep the weight off for the wedding...*awkward silence, hides behind sip of coke*

That's almost word for word how it goes down...with mild embellishments.

The Tara/Kara thing still bugs me a tad. Like....the books her name is Kara, the movie they change it to Tara. Why? I feel the producers specifically knew I'd read the book then the movie and were like "Hm, what's the one thing we can do to really agitate him? Hey hey, how about we change the name of a supporting character? Not majorly though, just a letter. See if anyone notices."


....She's still a bit of a Roxy though <3
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