I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

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I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby Bang Your Drum » Thu 27th May 2010

I was thinking abut how Meo calls her laptop Sherlock I was wondering if anyone esle named their electronic devices.

i have only one named electronic currently and that is my 4th generation apple nano in granny smith green, I call her Tullah.
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby <3PEXnCHIPS » Thu 27th May 2010

My Ipod's name is Jupiter, and when we had and HP monitor, me and my sis called it Harry Potter.
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby Shadow Light » Thu 27th May 2010

My electric guitar's name is Caitlin. XD And I named my iPod touch Psyduck XP

My sister(as in Kimm) named the piano Delilah and her iPod Joe. Why Joe? Cause she's in love with Joe Penna, AKA MysteryGuitarMan.

My other sister (As in Skye) named her iPod Denny, as in Denny Crane. And her flute is...err... Jade, was it?

Yup, that's about it.
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby Duck With No Name » Thu 27th May 2010

My laptop is called Sparky, after a joke between me and my friend but I don't really name electrical devices... :?

I name other things though, like my friend has two saxophones, an alto sax and a baritone. She called her baritone Barry and I named her alto sax Al :) . Also, when I have balloons, I often draw on them and name them until they deflate :P I always called the ones from Pizza Hut Phoenix because I always got yellow and red balloons from there :D
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby Ally Kat » Thu 27th May 2010

I named my DVD player Holmes, since the first movie I ever watched on it was Sherlock Holmes.

I've named and re-named my laptop many times. Right now it's Pasha, like Pavel Chekov's nickname. :D

My DS is Max. :) After the character Max in Scribblenaughts.

And, just as a side note since their living creatures, my frogs are Bones and Grissom, after the characters from Bones (duh) and CSI.

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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby <3PEXnCHIPS » Fri 28th May 2010

I also named one of my violins Rainbow, but I forget why...

My old mp3 players was Momo's Zune (yes, a Zune) and the second was Ralphie.

Oh, and our Wii is Rudolph, because we got it for Christmas.
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby someone » Fri 28th May 2010

I named my laptop Luke and my Xbox bill.
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby ShortRebel » Sat 29th May 2010

My itouch's name is Nina and my cellphone is named Hermes.

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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby BlackOpal » Sat 29th May 2010

First of all: My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle. :D

Secondly: I don't actually really name my possessions but my iPod is named Zulu... Because it's part of the radio alphabet which is what the dolls from Dollhouse are named from... And I hate just typing in "Jen's iPod" in that field when it comes up. XD I personify my technology but I don't really ever name them, which is probably weird.
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby KierisaNOT12 » Sun 30th May 2010

....the only thng I ever named was my favorite knife.. and I named it bloody hell.

WOW, that makes me sounds like a total crazy nutjob! XD it was me and my bro goofing off and somehow we ended up discussing our fave knifes (wtfreak?) yea, my fave was the really sharp, short, epic one.. and I looked down at myself holding a knife and was like "bloody h*ll" inna Ron Weasly impersination, and the name stuck XD

now we have bloody hell jr. cuz the first got lost D=
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby Cabaline » Sun 30th May 2010

I call my mobile "The Dinosaur" because I have had it for 4 years XD I sometimes call the computer "Compy". But I don't really name my possessions :lol:
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby cookieninja » Mon 31st May 2010

I call my cellphone my PocketBuddy, and my laptops name is Walter.
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby Battery » Mon 31st May 2010

My trumpet's name is Artemis, and my guitar's name is Peregrin, after two of my favorite fictional characters. It's kinda funny, cuz I got my guitar the last time I was obsessed with LotR, in sixth grade, and now I'm re-obsessed and I still love the name...

We used to have a space heater named Sparky, because when it got really old and beat-up, there was a day when it randomly shot out a bunch of sparks and smoke XD
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby MythicMistress » Mon 31st May 2010

None of my stuff really has a name at the moment, though I considered naming my laptop "Royal Headache Inducer" the last time I had to do a full system recovery because it was such a pain to get set up again. Also because of all the trouble I've had over the years with it that results in my getting a headache when I'm done dealing with it.
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Re: I call her Vera (naming your possesions)

Postby captain-trouble » Sun 18th Jul 2010

My old electric guitar is named Jimmy, and my car (which is also my baby), is named Aiko, because she's a Toyota Yaris :D
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