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Re: Dreams

Postby Captain_Short » Sat 26th May 2012

Last night I had a dream where the fifth grade was going on some trip to a fancy event that I can't remember a name of. We were all supposed to come to school during summer vacation, and we were all supposed to dress really nice. There's this guy named Ian in my class who will do some really weird things, so of course he came to school in a wedding dress (even that was a little extreme for him, though). Everyone was laughing and smiling and so was Ian. We had all brought our suitcases and luggage to school because we were traveling to the event and staying overnight, so we boarded a big coach bus and it took us to the event.

By the time we got there it was close to nighttime so we set up this huge tent for each of the fifth grade classes. Me and my best friends and some other boys were squeezed together, so we spent some time fixing the tent. Then the next day, for some reason, I was taking a bath in this big tub outside with my mother sitting under a nearby tree. Then all the kids from the grade started coming onto the field and yelling and playing, so I said, "Mom, why are all these kids here?!" And she said, "Here's a sign," and gave me a sign to hide behind while I got out of the tub. So I got out, and suddenly this guy named Finn and his little brother Ollie ran past the tub and I fell and tripped. Then I got back up and started running again, and ran inside.
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Re: Dreams

Postby artysgirl5 » Tue 19th Mar 2013

i had a dream like 2 years ago.
it had something to do with pokemon.
anyone care to listen?
just ask! :)
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Re: Dreams

Postby Bang Your Drum » Tue 19th Mar 2013

You can just summarize it you know ^^ instead of waitign for Pete to ask about it.

I once dreamt about a tomb of a couple and a girl in a blue coat... But that was 1999..long before ATLA....
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Re: Dreams

Postby CloverKitty » Tue 19th Mar 2013

I once had a dream I was stuck in a giant block of cheese. I kept climbing up higher and higher because I couldn't go down the slides, which were the way out. So I finnaly see this kid about to go down one of the slides and I ask him how to get out, his only reply is,"The sliiiiiides maaaan,"in this really hippie sort of voice. Then he slides down before I can tell him I can't go down the slides. So I keep eating my way through the cheese until I find myself in this really weird room. There's figure in the corner and I'm about to ask him if he knows the way down, but then he turns around and it's the giant Chucky Cheese mouse. Then I start yelling,"I KNOW YOU!" He just starts cackling and we were about to have a battle to the death just before I woke up.
So bacically I was fighting a mouse inside a giant block of cheese...Yeah...
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Re: Dreams

Postby jsreed5 » Wed 20th Mar 2013

A few days ago, I had a dream in which I was to stay at a log cabin in a mountainous area during my spring break.

Once I arrived at the cabin, I began to look around, and while it was well-furnished and -stocked, it seemed to be deserted. Before long, however, I heard a car pull into the gravel driveway, and who should step out but Hitler. I immediately hid in the bathroom as he entered the cabin and grabbed a folder off of a table in the living room. He then got back into his car, which was also carrying a small entourage of people, and drove off.

Unable to believe that I had just seen Adolf Hitler, I jumped into my car and began to follow him. He drove out of the mountains and to a small airport, where he was to meet an important dignitary. He was not aware that I had followed him, and I snuck quietly into his entourage without him noticing my presence as they all crossed the tarmac.

When he met up with the dignitary, they shook hands, and Hitler introduced him to the entourage. Soon the dignitary's eyes came to rest on me, and he said, "And who is this?" Hitler turned to me and raised his eyebrow slightly. I introduced myself and claimed that I was an intern. Hitler gave a cold smile as he invited all of us to walk with him and the dignitary to the car and drive back to the cabin.

I began to turn and walk in the other direction when I suddenly heard Hitler's voice whisper in my ear. "You're coming with us. If you're going to pass yourself off as an intern, you're going to need to work like an intern." I turned around reluctantly and walked to the car, dreading the managerial work that lay before me.

There was more to this dream, but I won't post it here.
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Re: Dreams

Postby Amber Root » Sat 30th Mar 2013

The night before last night, I had a dream that I was The Cat In The Hat, Cat. Then I had to sing with the original Cat . >.<
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Re: Dreams

Postby Felina » Tue 14th May 2013

My dreamcatcher doesn't work anymore D: I'm getting nightmares again.

The one from night from Sunday to Monday won't say.

The one from last night... ;-;

Part One:
I was stuck in a wrong dimension with Heiji, and they were chasing us and I was traveling trough space and time(without any machines) with him to escape them but hey followed us and always could find us and my Heiji got injured... ;-;
Then I woke up.
Part Two:
I was again able to travel trough space and time without TARDIS, and I was with granma and granpa in sister's house when Behemot, Korovjov and Woland came (read the Master and Margarita from Mihail Bulgakov)
I woke up to drink water...
Part Three:
Some old hag wanted me to switch from archery to ballet.
Waking up...
Part Four:
Some guys killed mah friend so I had to go back to Nazi Germany to save Hitler from being killed because his murder had something to do with mah friend's death...
Alarm waking me up.

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Re: Dreams

Postby Randomosity » Sat 25th May 2013

I had a dream where I was in the school's PE changing room, lined up with my friend's scout group. the fact that I've never met them didn't seem to matter, their faces were blurred. Anyway, we were all in a line, and suddenly I notice a gun lying on the bench. I grab it, and shoot the scout leader. I have also never met him. The gun judders in my hands, making me step back slightly. a few people notice but no one seems especially bothered. then the dream switches and the group and I are entering sea lif. I have never been to sea life in my life. It was so weird!
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Re: Dreams

Postby Cabaline » Fri 16th Aug 2013

I had a really weird dream that I was having a sleepover with Dr Cox (from Scrubs) and that we were watching Doctor Who and having a great night, like we were getting on super well. But then J.D (also from Scrubs) showed up randomly and ruined it all then he turned into a woman and she got super annoying and decided to lay down on the sofa so that we didn't have anywhere to sit. :?
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Re: Dreams

Postby Amber Root » Mon 1st Jan 2018

Last night I had a dream where I was sitting outside on my school's campus with some friends - watching a plane crash down near by. Then all of havoc was loose.

(First post of 2018!)
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