Her Lovely Shadows

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Her Lovely Shadows

Postby xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Tue 13th Aug 2013

((Before I kick this off, I need you to read my charrie list in the FG Charrie section. The character I'm using is Vanessa. Second, though no one wants to be a bully, I need an antagonist, at least one. Third, this is a My Little Pony roleplay. If you are offended by grimdark, get out. Thank you, and enjoy.))
Vanessa was picking up the books she had dropped. She could feel everypony's gaze draw to her, like cold steel on her back. She often compared them to vultures, feeding on other's misfortune, though she never spoke that sentiment aloud. As she was gathering lost papers, some colt piped up in the back, "Need some help, Vanessa." She nodded, and everypony laughed and walked away, trampling all her books. She sighed. Just another day, just another 24 hours to suffer through. 'Soon,' she thought, 'I'll get away from it all. Move to Manehattan. Find a lovely husband, or wife.' She wasn't going to be picky. She got the last book, and moved on to history class, nearly late. She came in, and sat in the only seat left. She kept her head down. She never wanted to be called to answer a question. If she got it wrong, she was a retard, if she got it right, she was a dweeb. She couldn't win. She stared at the clock. The minutes never went by fast enough.
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