Assassin's Creed: A Lament of Shadows

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Assassin's Creed: A Lament of Shadows

Postby Orion Fowl » Sun 9th Dec 2012

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The Truth Within The Truth (Plot)

The wheels of war make the world go round...

Rome, Italy, 1501

The Borgia occupy Rome, and the Vatican is under the control of the murderous Rodrigo Borgia. The city is thrust into turmoil as forces beyond the knowledge of the people wage war. Tales are told in the dark alleys of Rome, tales of men clad in white, walking the rooftops of Rome. Beyond the knowledge of the common man, evil grows in the heart of Rome.

Ezio Auditore, leader of Rome's new branch of the Assassin Brotherhood, has vanished without a trace. Leaderless, the Assassins of Rome struggle to maintain a presence in the city. Cesare Borgia's forces have doubled almost overnight, and it is becoming harder and harder for the Assassins to survive. To make matters worse, infighting among the Brotherhood could lead to it's downfall. The Assassins survive only by drawing upon the beggars and thieves of Rome, those persecuted by the Borgia, to fill their ranks.

But some of the citizens of rome have chosen to stand up for themselves, unwilling to put their trust in the Assassins, who are compromised of criminals and thieves, but unwilling to lie down and die, garb themselves in grey robes modeled after the Assassin's own, calling themselves the Guardians of Roma. Meanwhile, Cesare Borgia descends deeper into madness, chastised at every turn by his father, Rodrigo, and hounded by the Assassins. A man near the breaking point. If he snaps...Rome will burn.

The whereabouts of the Apple of Eden are still unknown, and despite the efforts of the leaderless Assassin Brotherhood to find it, without Ezio's help, the Brotherhood is lost. Amongst the Assassins, several men rise from the rabble, attempting to claim leadership, causing even more strife among the remaining Assassins. The courtesan and thief factions are under severe persecution by the Borgia, and the Assassins must survive alone. Finding the Apple is, some believe, their only chance.

The Borgia are exerting their influence to other countries, hunting down the Assassins in England and France, along with the rest of western Europe. Around the world, the Brotherhood is being hunted down, and the Assassin's only hope is the Brotherhood in Rome. The mass genocide of the Assassins is underway, and if it is not stopped, the Templars will win at last. Strange mercenaries out of the East have begun to appear in Rome, wearing the insignia of the Borgia. They come bearing guns and strange new technologies, and the Assassins are being hunted down faster than ever.

But all is not lost. Some say that in the black of night, you can hear the rustle of fabric, the glint of metal in the moonlight, a flicker of white. And then, they say, the sound of life leaving this world at the hands of another. And they say that, if you listen closely, you will hear a muttered prayer for the fallen.

A Lament of the Shadows.

We Are All Books Containing Thousands of Pages, and Within Each Lies an Irreprable Truth (Character Sheet)]

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, THE CHARACTER SHEET:


Character Name: (A bit obvious, it's your character's name)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Age: (20+ please)

Faction: (Borgia, Assassins, Guardians of Rome)

Physical: (What they look like. Pictures are accepted, but I want some info describing them, too. )

Personality (2-3 paragraphs, each 5 sentences)

History: (at least 2-3 paragraphs, each 5 sentences)


These are the Rules:

1. Treat everyone with respect, no cussing someone out.

2. This IS Assassin's Creed, but sadly, according to the rules of this site, no M-stuff allowed. Keep it PG-13. :D

3. Post at least once or twice a week. If you can't, let me know.

4. I want paragraph-long posts at least. I can be pretty lax about this, but NO one-sentance crud. It will not be allowed.


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