My Artemis RP (Fanfic, not actual)

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My Artemis RP (Fanfic, not actual)

Postby JessicaFowl » Wed 17th Oct 2012

(I've never done this before. I hope it's okay. Please let me know if I did anything wrong. Thank you..)

-Jessica Fowl is the daughter of Artemis and Holly Short. She was born as a mix-blooded farie, not quite accepted in either world. She stays with her mother in the Lower Elements Police as a Junior reqruit, and the human blood in her makes her one of the tallest Elf alive. She visits her Father to play to occational game of Human Chess and has become great friends with Foaly, his wife and their twin sons. She strives to be the first "Human" in the Lower Elements Police, LEP recon unit. She comes across many hardships and this is her tale.-

(I made this a while ago, and this is my first post on here... I hope this is okay, I can delete it. I am still unfimiliar with this site, and hope I haven't done anything wrong. This is free to RP if anyone wants to join, I just need ideas for a plot and who the villan will be.)

Jessica woke in her bed, with messy and tangled long brown hair. She rolled over and moaned. Her mother, Holly Short was dressed in her vibrant green LEP suit and was nudging Jessica with a finger. "Wake up! You're going to be late for your junior training!" She scolded. Jessica waved a hand at her dissmisivly and covered her face with a pillow Butler, Artemis's old friend, gave her from his Sister, Juliet. It was fluffy and stuffed with cotton. It was her favorite pillow and smelled of Lillacs. Holly prodded her again, harder. "Come on, Jessica. You've got to go." Jessica mumbled something that wasn't quite Gnomish or English about ten more minutes. Holly, fummed, and swung her arms around her daugters waist. She heaved upwards and made her wing pack strapped to her back, spread the wings and hover upwards. Her daughter was taller than her, and it was an effort to keep her up. Jessica flailed, shocked. She squeeled as Holly tickled her teenage daughters sides. "Stop it!" She demanded in Gnomish, fully awake now. Holly paused, and seemed to contemplate. "Will you go now?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow. Her brown and blue eyes stared at her challengingly. She nodded a short response and was thankful once on solid ground. Well, solid underground. She puffed, and grabbed her own Junior suit and began to change. "I'm going, I'm going." She muttered when Holly hesitated, uncertain. She pulled her boots on tighter and checked the blue sparks on her fingers. They appeared when she willed them and seemed to dance before chasing themselves out. "Magic, check." She grumbled. "Wings, check." She said, heaving the small box with two straps to drape over her arms. Wings pushed out of the box, and spread, vibrating faster. She looked up at the "Sun roof" or so Holly called it. It was nothing of the sort. The sun was above ground, so all the Sun roof did was make it posible for the usualy late daughter to be able to practice flying before being in actual farie trafic. She hovered, then gained altitude. Her legs dangled under her like those of a Ragdoll or Marionet. Which Jessica had the pleasure of reading of the strang Human toys from books from Artemis. She also got books on Quantum theory, and different Scientific equations to solve once a day. She flew untill she was clear of the house, and the automatic doors shut behind her. She sped on her wings, dodging people and shouting "Sorry!" Over her shoulder as she numerosly almost hit a Pixie or Sprite. She grinned, sudenly, as she remembered she was different. She got many nasty looks, and a few people even had the idiocrocy of actualy putting the occasional "Curse Frog" on her door step to shout insaults they weren't brave enough to say themselves. None of that mattered. She was uniqe. Different. She was never even thought of. No one persived the idea of actualy mixing speicise. If they had, it was brought with grate distain. She always ignoored it, not caring much. She had reached the doorsto the Junior training facility where two LEP officers were escorting a Gnome that punched a Dwarf for calling his mother some kind of "Garden Prop". Jessica dropped towards the ground quickly and landed with one knee bent and the other slightly extended behind her. Her wings folded in neatly into the box on her shoulders and dissapeared from sight. She trotted towards the bright blue doors, smiling widley...
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Re: My Artemis RP (Fanfic, not actual)

Postby Amber Root » Wed 17th Oct 2012

You might want to look over these, I have a small feeling you didn't read the rules.

Link-The Rules of the Role Play Section

If you want other's to join on in the RP(Role Play), it'll be easier for everyone to know the other characters. Might want to use a templete:

Code: Select all
[b]Facial Type/Features:[/b] 
[b]Skin Tone:[/b] 
[b]Body Type[/b]

[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[b]Significant Other:[/b]
[b]Living Arrangements:[/b]
[b]Best At:[/b] 
[b]Worst At:[/b]
[b]Favorite Colors:[/b] 
[b]Favorite Food:[/b]


^Made by one of our Admins, Bang Your Drum.

Or you could use something more similar and just the basic looks and ways.

If this is just a fan fiction story that you want other's to write with you - this is not the place to post it. Your title is just confusing me about this. Is it a fan fiction story or a Role Play? You posted this on the Fan Fiction section of the site. So is it just a story that you are writing? If so you should post it here and here.

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