Prodigies (Furry)

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Prodigies (Furry)

Postby VirgilBloodFox » Sun 12th Feb 2012

So the story is:
In a time where genius is considered 'dangerous', a group of young prodigies must survive in a prison, full of dangerous convicts, using only their wits.

Character Sheet:

My Character:
Name: Virgil Deus Daemon
Age: 13
Species: Fox
Appearance: Black fur, white hair, swooped over one eye, tall and lanky, bloodred eyes.
Skills: Disciplined in several martial arts, has learned to ignore most pain, has high logical ability. Can also write fairly well.
Bio: Born in Rome, Italy, and named after a famous writer. His parents died after being brutally robbed and beaten when he was only four. Since then, he has learned to raise himself on the streets, and in a fight at age eight learned of his natural martial arts ability. Since then, he has been honing and concentrating those skills, becoming well disciplined enough to learn the art of ignoring pain. He is a genius of martial arts, and made his own form, Kitsune style, when he was ten.
Other: Dislikes most overly joyful people.
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Re: Prodigies (Furry)

Postby CleoFowl » Sun 23rd Sep 2012

Appearance:black ears, hair, one black and one white eye(s), pale, tall, skinny, and black wings
Skills: can shoot hand guns well, can pick locks, and does hair(XD)
Bio: used to be in the Mafia when she was younger, other than that her whereabouts are unkown.
Other: silent, short temperd, hates the color pink
im just a meme
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Re: Prodigies (Furry)

Postby xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Wed 24th Oct 2012

(I may close this one. I'm the same guy who started it, just under a new account, and I started a pokemon RP...)
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