What does Banana Pie really mean?

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Re: What does Banana Pie really mean?

Postby Ash Kelp » Tue 25th Sep 2012

Skyswallow wrote:My guesses:
1. A pie made of banana.
2. The maths symbol 'pi' made of bananas.
3. What the mods eat.
4. What the mods throw at people.
5. MiM's favourite food.

I would guess that a banana pie is like a cream pie. And So it's what the mods and admins throw at people who break the rules.

However, It could be like spam, and the more you "eat" the "fatter" you become.
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Re: What does Banana Pie really mean?

Postby Amber Root » Mon 1st Oct 2012

I did some searching and I saw some on a site and it said, "[Insert something >:3] Eating Banana Pie".

I believe that the saying refers to how many users on FG at this moment - or have been on FG during a certain time frame. :]
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Re: What does Banana Pie really mean?

Postby Battery » Mon 1st Oct 2012

^ That's on the FG Tumblr page, if that's what you're referring to XD That has nothing to do with its FG meaning, I just wanted to stick something FG-related in there :)
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Re: What does Banana Pie really mean?

Postby jsreed5 » Wed 12th Jul 2017

I apologize for the necro, but after 8 years on this site, I'm still curious what "Banana Pie" means. Is it even still relevant?
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Re: What does Banana Pie really mean?

Postby artymon I\/ » Thu 13th Jul 2017

I *thought* what it meant was something like if the mods were talking in the shoutbox, they'd say something to the effect about eating banana pie or make some reference as a code word to meet on their secret forum, the one that's invisible to us, and they'd discuss designing diabolical deeds.
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