#29: Tis The Season To be Holly

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#29: Tis The Season To be Holly

Postby Kagoma_Kage » Sat 13th Dec 2008

Ever wonder what the People are doing for Christmas (Solstice)?
Me too.
Be it crickets roasting on a open fire,
Stringing lights from stalactites,
Or just spending time with the ones you love.

For this Challenge I want to see your most imaginative ideas for Holiday Traditions below ground.
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Re: #29: Tis The Season To be Holly

Postby KierisaNOT12 » Sun 18th Jan 2009

Hang out above ground! No one will take a second glance at a fairy doing that time of year!

Tell your fairy kids funny stories about mud-people! Then have a time to make fun of them.

Have an annual fly race! Using the new wings you got for christmas!!
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Re: #29: Tis The Season To be Holly

Postby LollipopHolly » Wed 21st Jan 2009

Holographic underground fireworks on Christmas day((Or any other Holiday))!

Police plaza has a party for all the officers!! While of Course Foaly partys in a brand new Party tin foil hat!!
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