#15 A Roleplay To End All Roleplays...

An Artemis Fowl game, open for anyone to join in. Read the stickied thread for details.

Re: #15 A Roleplay To End All Roleplays...

Postby The III Prodigy » Sat 14th Jul 2007

Modest-Genius wrote:MM: I've done it, finally I found Fowl Manor, I knew it existed. I KNEW IT!

*MM walks into Fowl manor which was mysteirously unguared and the gate and all doors were unlocked. MM walks upstairs and into a tudy. A chair slowly turns around and MM comes face to face with Artemis Fowl.

Fowl: At the risk of sounding cliche Mr. Michale but, I've been expecting you. Do you mind if I call you "MM" I'm trying to work on my teen hip.

MM: Oh my god this is such a honor, wait a minute your a fictional character, how can you be real?

Fowl: Because fiction is real genius and now you get to meet your faverouite fictional person ever. So why don't we sit down and-

*MM started to run out of the room*

Fowl: Wait where are you going?

MM: Fictions real, screw you I'm off to find Buffy!

OMFG! LMAO!!! I love those Artemis and Buffy jokes! Soooo funny! This opens up tons of possibilities, for Buffy's a vampire slayer, and Arty is a vampire! Metamorphically.
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Re: #15 A Roleplay To End All Roleplays...

Postby MichaelM » Sat 14th Jul 2007

lmao @ III Prodigy and Modest Genius :focl:
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Re: #15 A Roleplay To End All Roleplays...

Postby Mentos_not_mental » Sat 4th Aug 2007

:lol: All those stories were funny! Good job on them.
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Re: #15 A Roleplay To End All Roleplays...

Postby sorana » Mon 6th Aug 2007

yup they were awesome :lol:
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Re: #15 A Roleplay To End All Roleplays...

Postby aurum-girl » Sun 14th Oct 2007

LMAO! I liked that. A very Artemis-like thing to do.
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Re: #15 A Roleplay To End All Roleplays...

Postby Meova » Sun 14th Oct 2007

Omg! I laughed so hard about all the roleplays... too bad the contest is over! Ah well... I couldn't have made one myself anyway ;-)
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Re: #15 A Roleplay To End All Roleplays...

Postby Clandestine » Thu 29th Nov 2007

Hello Artemis Fowl fans,
I have read some your imaganative ideas and I really enjoyed some of them. Please carry on posting up your ideas- I love reading what other people think of Artemis Fowl!
Goodbye, Clandestine.
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Re: #15 A Roleplay To End All Roleplays...

Postby BlackOpal » Wed 13th Feb 2008

This challenge is old. There's no need to keep it open any longer.
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