What does butler look like

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What does butler look like

Postby opal kobi killers » Mon 9th Dec 2013

their have been far too many looks of butler. Some have sun glases some look fat some are super tall body builders. Tell us what you think he looks like and what he sounds like. I think he looks and sounds like burtrum from Jessie. :poke:
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Re: What does butler look like

Postby Bang Your Drum » Tue 10th Dec 2013

He's multi ethnic (European and Asian) and about seven feet tall, has very short hair, he has a blue diamond tattoo on his bicep. And probably very muscular. But not skinny "show" Jacob Black muscles but the kind you get from constant training and missions...like a Navy Seal would have.
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Re: What does butler look like

Postby artymon I\/ » Thu 2nd Mar 2017

Until the movie comes out, he looks however you imagine him to look. Personally, I always imagined him being more built up top, kinda like Arnold, but about a half step higher. Hm...maybe if Lou Ferrigno shaved his head? Course, I'm also partial to that fanmade trailer of Jason Statham as Butler.
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