FG awards prizes

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FG awards prizes

Postby yunyun » Fri 3rd Aug 2012

Hey, just wondering, about the award prizes, is it just post count? Maybe there could be a banner or trophy to put in the sig for the winners?
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Re: FG awards prizes

Postby Bang Your Drum » Thu 9th Aug 2012

I like this... but it's too late in the game for this year I think.. perhaps for next year.
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Re: FG awards prizes

Postby rem » Wed 29th Aug 2012

so should we plan ahead for next year or wait awhile?

thanks for the sig Sara

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Re: FG awards prizes

Postby Amber Root » Wed 29th Aug 2012

Everyone will have wait to find out on anymore information regarding prizes. Or prizes in the future relating to the FG Awards, if there will be any.
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