What Made You Join Fangathering?

Ideas, comments, suggestions, submissions or anything else you would like to say about the website, or forums.

Postby MMK » Mon 12th Feb 2007

Well, I spent a while online one day when I was bored, trying to find a site with info about The Lost Colony. Unfortuantely, most Artemis Fowl sites out there are pretty much dead (I remember one was still decorated for Christmas a year previously).

Eventually, however, I found the FG site, and became a regular visitor. Then MM posted up that thing about applying to be part of the site, and I joined the forum so I could communicate with him. I never really planned to post much. Actually, I'm still sort of shocked about how much I'm involved.
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Postby Athena » Mon 12th Feb 2007

I googled Artemis Fowl and came up with You Guys!!
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Postby Hanyou Kitty » Mon 12th Feb 2007

I went from the 'official' Artemis Fowl site, and surfed around...a lot...most of the links weren't anything to go by, but then I found AFC. It was ok, not great. From there I found the vote for the top Artemis Fowl fansite, and got Fangathering. Seriously, this is the best one I found. I immediately joined the forum; at that time I didn't have any Fowl-obsessed friends to talk about this stuff with. I'm really glad I joined. The atmosphere is really welcoming.
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Postby Lufgif » Mon 12th Feb 2007

I searched the IF directory.
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Postby BlackOpal » Mon 12th Feb 2007

I came home from a trip, where I read The Lost Colony on the way there and was bursting to join any Artemis Fowl site. I found FG and applies so fast that I made typos and had to retype them again. I had seen this site a few years ago, but wasn't as into Artemis Fowl then as I am now, and I had seen AFC, but it had seemed to big and unfriendly at the time (not that it is, but it seemed that way) so this seemed the logical choice.
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Postby princess sarah rox » Mon 12th Feb 2007

m_p made me join but i read the books and liked them so i thout that when she told me to join that it would be cool and i might aswell but i never thought i would be on here so much.
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Postby artimmy_nueve » Mon 12th Feb 2007

I found a link to FG on Hanyou Kitty's blog (was it Hanyou Kitty or someone else?)
then thought it would be fun if I join.. ^_^

it's Kitty Rainbow.. sorry
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Postby MaeveCrowArtemis1 » Mon 12th Feb 2007

I googled Artemis Fowl forum on day and I got many sites.I looked about 10 of them.FG was the best.I loved all things about it.And other forums where ugly and ppl didn't post nicely.So I decided to register and stay here! ^_^
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Postby darvit » Mon 12th Feb 2007

One boring day in January, I just realized that I was very curious about the Artemis Fowl movie, so I went on Google.

I've visited all those old Artemis Fowl fansites before, and they were all offering the same information. So I searched a bit more.

I went to the Artemis Fowl movie page/forum on some movie site called countingdown.com [or something, I forgot XD] and then I saw MichaelM post a link to FG, saying that it has some movie information, etc...

So I bought his sales pitch and clicked his link. XD

I looked around the site, and I thought it was pretty cool. I checked the forums, and then I saw that there aren't many members yet... And I thought, "Hey, this is still a very small but growing community, and I see that it has a lot of potential.. I could be part of something GREAT!"

So I joined FG. ^_^

The End.

Or... the Beginning. ;)
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Postby nindra » Mon 12th Feb 2007

I found here when MM advertised (sp?) FG in AFC and I joined up for a random reason I don't remember. :P

[s](Btw. BlackOpal, I don't know how unfriendly AFC is from your POV, maybe it's not as friendly as FG (I sort of agree on that...) but that's probably because you are used to another kind of randomness than what we have in AFC...)[/s]
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Postby ImpNo1 » Mon 12th Feb 2007

i looked for artemis fowl all the time and then found this site
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Postby Sofie » Mon 12th Feb 2007

I found it by Google... So I thought, meeh... Why not. I've joined many forums like this, but I dunno, I'm just not as active on those others.
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Postby MichaelM » Mon 12th Feb 2007

Haha - I'm just glad that no-one has said "Bad luck" yet XD
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Postby Sofie » Mon 12th Feb 2007

MichaelM wrote: Haha - I'm just glad that no-one has said "Bad luck" yet XD

In that case they wouldn't have stuck around to answer the topic.
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Postby Jehuty » Mon 12th Feb 2007

MichaelM asked me to join. >_>

I dont even like Artemis Fowl.

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