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Re: Ships.

Postby AFrules12 » Mon 17th Dec 2012

I said before I shipped Mergana (Merlin/Morgana) but now I seriously ship it sooo hard after the last episode. And they were trying to make you not ship it. So I have no idea how it happened, but they are made for each other, just as much as Merthur. And even the actors see it, I was watching an interview recently where Katie and Colin both agreed that their characters should have been together. Their chemistry is awesome, I really hope it's in the finale. WRITERS!!!! :evil:
One word: Merlin
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Re: Ships.

Postby Amber Root » Fri 28th Dec 2012

For the Avengers:

Captain America/Thor
Hawk Eye/Black Widow
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Re: Ships.

Postby bentj96 » Fri 28th Dec 2012

My OTP, Mave. ;)

There you go. Five fandoms.
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Re: Ships.

Postby Bang Your Drum » Fri 28th Dec 2012

let's see...

Chris/Ray (Life on Mars)
Doctor/Master (Doctor Who)
Andrea/Michonne (the Walking Dead)
Giles/Ethan (Buffy)
Spike/Drusilla (Buffy)
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Re: Ships.

Postby jsreed5 » Sun 6th Jan 2013

I love how I talk about avoiding ships, and then my post is by far the longest in this thread. XD

EDIT: I'm removing all my speculation on Disney Fairies, because my theories have completely changed in the meantime. Before you ask, no, I'm not going to go into them here. Ask me directly if you can't stand not knowing.
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Re: Ships.

Postby Battery » Tue 22nd Jan 2013

I'm halfway through season three of Community and I'm falling in love with Abed/Annie ufffgjh they're so cute
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Re: Ships.

Postby Skyswallow » Tue 22nd Jan 2013

Haven't posted in a while here, so I'll just type out all my ships :) From all my fandoms (Fowl, Sherlock, MBS)

OTP/Ships (proper):

Koboiarty (Opal/Jim Moriarty)
Sherlolly (Sherlock/Molly)
Sherene (Sherlock/Irene)

Kaynie (Kate/Reynie)
Gallifrey - a Doctor Who fanfiction
Hunting the Disappeared - a Fowlock fanfiction

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Re: Ships.

Postby AFrules12 » Sun 3rd Feb 2013

^^ Kobiarty? Interesting. I can see why it would work. Nothing like two maniacs together.
Johnlock. Only as bromance but don't you feel sooo sorry for John after Sherlock goes and jumps
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