Ways to Torture Barbie...

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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Postby AFrules12 » Sat 26th Jan 2013

^^ YES! And then the Dr Who christmas special and the episode where Amydied
Or we could just make her watch anything done by Stephen Moffat. :D
One word: Merlin
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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Postby Skyswallow » Sun 27th Jan 2013

^Good point :) That might be easier, but Reichenbach wasn't written by Moffat XD
Anyhow, back on topic... Force her to read an unfinished fanfic...
Gallifrey - a Doctor Who fanfiction
Hunting the Disappeared - a Fowlock fanfiction

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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Postby CloverKitty » Mon 28th Jan 2013

Tie her to a chair and paint her face. But not like at a carnival, just use paint and smear it all over her.
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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Postby slepyoneshot » Wed 30th Jan 2013

do what everyone has already said combined
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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Postby shaadia cader » Wed 7th Aug 2013

Take off her clothes.
Sing Gangam Style in front of her and smudge chalk all over a pic of Prince Charming, then slap her, then feed her sushi dipped in expired ice cream and pour maple syrup on her head, and hire a dinosaur to fart on her, and make a horse poop on her favorite shoe :horse: , then put it in a microwave and make her eat it, and then...I think I've said enough :lol: !!

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