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Re: Geek Test

Postby LEPreconGirl » Tue 24th Apr 2012

*eyetwitch* I need to use this thing as a guide for life... Would be so amazing, I'm going up :)

35.42435% *fistpump*
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Re: Geek Test

Postby rem » Wed 20th Jun 2012

20.66421% - Geek yay -listens to there might be giants-

ok so to get a better score i have to go to the movies alone a few more time and go to conventions!

thanks for the sig Sara

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Re: Geek Test

Postby ArtyRocks » Sun 24th Jun 2012

48.70849% - Super Geek

...My a geek, whom loves to curse their daughters upon geekhood too. He works with computers and watches reruns and junk, and pulls me into it. >< I'm not even that surprised at this point.
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Re: Geek Test

Postby Star*7 » Sun 26th Aug 2012

Retake- 30.99631% (Total Geek)

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Re: Geek Test

Postby Silver Eagle » Mon 27th Aug 2012

19.18819% - Geek :D
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Re: Geek Test

Postby Falcon! » Sat 11th Jan 2014

26.9%, Total Geek, and now quite behind on homework, ironically. .-.
I love random tests such as these. Funfunfun.
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Re: Geek Test

Postby Cabaline » Tue 1st Apr 2014

33.02583% - Total Geek

I'm a female studying Physics, I should expect so! :D
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