bully scholarship editon

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bully scholarship editon

Postby caleb legend » Thu 3rd Jul 2014

hey guys sry i havent posted anything in a while because i've been playing this game called bully scholarship edition i'm not sure if anyone here knows of the game but its cool but i'm stuck on a mission called "nerd challenge" so does anyone know of the game i mean actually play the game not look it up on youtube and watch someone play it
dont mind me if your seeing this i am totally bored and gots nothing to do so dont mind me androcks taste good1
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Re: bully scholarship editon

Postby Bang Your Drum » Fri 4th Jul 2014

I haven't but I am very interested in the psychology behind bullying. Ah be check a game guide online, if they can help, a "casual" like me with the sims medieval you should be golden.
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