Game of the Year 2013

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Game of the Year 2013

Postby FoxehShadeh » Fri 3rd Jan 2014

I know it's a bit late, but post your Game of the Year for 2013 here!
Mine is Bioshovk Infinite. It had a great story, gorgeous graphics, and fun gameplay.
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Re: Game of the Year 2013

Postby Bang Your Drum » Thu 9th Jan 2014

The Silent Age, for iOs and android. I mean they've got my number, time travel between the nineteen seventies and the present, yes and thank you. Creepy atmosphere and storyline, of course!
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Re: Game of the Year 2013

Postby world is quiet here » Thu 9th Jan 2014

Assassins Creed 4: Black flag for the graphics, the storyline and the funness. :D
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