What game did you play last?

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Re: What game did you play last?

Postby artymon I\/ » Tue 25th Apr 2017


Had to give Uprising a try, and in general tis fun, had to take a break.

Man, Uncharted 4 got real hard real fast under Crushing. Holy crap. 80% of my run was like "Oh this isn't too hard, after Brutal on the first game, I can do anything." Then we got onto the island and holy crap those guys aren't playing around. I swear every fight now has a sniper, RPG guy, armored machine gunner, and they're all OP as heck. This is where you need to abuse the stealth mechanics and run into a bush where they forget about you and use the stealth grenade meta. Course, when you get into open battle, you're basically doomed.
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