The Offical Returns Thread!

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Re: The Offical Returns Thread!

Postby Bang Your Drum » Mon 8th Jun 2015

LEP wrote:Hi there fangathering!
It is such a looong time since I last came here, I had been on here almost daily when I was in secondary school, it's been my first fansite that I was addicted to. It is such fun to come back looking around on the forum, I hope everything has been well :D

Welcome back!
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Re: The Offical Returns Thread!

Postby Skyswallow » Fri 14th Aug 2015

Hi everyone!! It's been about nine months since I was last on, in which time I've completed my GCSEs and become thoroughly entrenched in the Les Mis fandom, and started learning Esperanto :awesome:
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Re: The Offical Returns Thread!

Postby Josephine Fowl » Sun 13th Mar 2016

Hello people that still wanders this site.

I'm back. Kind of. I'm still in college, but I will try my very best to be here more often. Everytime I end up here, I realize how much I miss this place. So it's good to be back.

This time I will actually bookmark the site so that I don't forget it again.

See you around!
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Re: The Offical Returns Thread!

Postby That Chick2 » Thu 22nd Dec 2016

It's literally been five years. Can you believe that?

I'm 17 now and I'm back because I kinda miss these poor souls that put up with literal 12 year old Annaka.

Who knows? Maybe I'll repost that fan fic I wrote with Artemis and the Snickers commercial. (That's a joke. I have metaphorical nightmares about that)
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Re: The Offical Returns Thread!

Postby FowlStar » Sun 25th Dec 2016

Might as well announce that I'm back too. I'm eighteen now, gay, engaged and I really love cooking. Also I delivered 3 babies guys. Three entire humans.
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Re: The Offical Returns Thread!

Postby artymon I\/ » Thu 2nd Mar 2017


I'm back as well. After enduring my banishment, I have outlasted all who cared to oppose me! Yahahahahahhaha! :twisted:

Actually, I'm just here to spout nonsense and lengthen the life of the forum. You should to! [narrowly avoids political joke] I want you, to start posting!
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